Keem Wit The Dream is a motivational speaker, business consultant, and fashion designer who values dedication, service, and excellence. As an active positive member of his neighborhood, Keem brings unique perspectives gained from his experiences, empowering you to unleash the untapped potential of yourself. Using real-world examples, Keem sheds light on how the invaluable talent each person brings to themselves can positively impact their life's mission.

     Keem learned the value of dedication at an early age growing up in New Jersey, as the Third of seven children. Keem’s dedication, hard work, and determination to avoid a life of poverty and mediocrity inspired him to create many ways to get paid (the legal way).  Keem’s career has been a model of service recognized in his community as well as others. 

     Earning several community awards for his superior mentorship and dedication to the community has proved this attitude and consistent mission of excellence. Keem knows that excellence is a journey, not simply a destination. This perspective inspired him to teach, develop, inspire, and mentor hundreds of youths. He brings this same dedication to his work. 

Launching Good Guidance Everything

To A Cold World;

Independently With Persistence,

Pushing Vision With No Limit.


Turning Dreams Into Reality

Showing My Community


Some Days

Better Than Others


I Remain Humble.

Carolyn Elaine Holmes

My Mother, My Angel

Who Blood Flows

Through My Veins Deep Inside My Soul

Feeling Her Presence Internally

Swaying Me

Every Direction


Dedication, Hard Work Ethics,

Most Importantly Love

Thank You

To The Higher Power Above

Anointing Me

With A Gift

Of  Bravery, Patience,


Durable Skin.

I Am Keem Wit The Dream

"I Believed In Myself Before Anyone Else"


                                 [email protected]